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Brenda McCreight- PH.D., R.S.W. Therapist, International Speaker & Author

For adoptive families and adoption professionals;

Are you experiencing challenges with:

I provide neurodevelopmentally informed counseling in person as well as, online, and telephone consulting to individuals and families worldwide. For professionals, I provide consulting, supervision, as well as training throughout Canada, the U.S., England, and Scotland.

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Download and listen to Brenda’s discussion of adoption basics for prospective adopters on the internet radio show “Family Focus" here.

Download a free booklet on “Effective Parenting Strategies for Children
with Attachment Disorder.”
by Brenda McCreight.

For Individuals and Families

Are you experiencing challenges with:

Using a combination of Neurofeedback, and neurotherapy using EMDR as well as traditional counselling methods, I can help you overcome the symptoms of many conditions affecting the central nervous system.

Download this free article on “Avoiding and Transforming Power Struggles.”
by Brenda McCreight.